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Waking From The Dream
Perceptions Of Reality
Subconsciously Surviving
If I Lived With Perfect People
People I Wouldn't Choose To Meet
Living On The Edge Of The Bell Curve
If I Only Had A Mentor
Thinking To Feel
Wounded Kids
Baby Auditions

Perceptions of Reality

Ratz, 10/09/03 ©

Far out in the backwoods,
In a town without a name.
Lives a narrow minded person,
Every day's about the same.

He has never left the county,
Never crossed the rolling hills.
Never was that much inspired,
Or concerned with other's ills.

Trivial points and details,
Of his own life keep his mind,
Fully occupied with questions,
'Whose truck's better, Yours or Mine?'

Did you hear your girl was out last night,
With Billy Bob and Drew?
You should kick their ass, I'm telling ya,
Ya know, if I was you.

Every new scratch on his pickup,
Captivates his mind for weeks.
Passing blame and getting even,
Entertainment that he seeks.

As the months become a lifetime,
He grows angrier and colder.
Suspicions haunting him at every turn,
Chips grow heavy on his shoulder.

But let's give him new perspective,
Take him from his town of birth,
Send him on a journey outward,
Show him other parts of earth.

Let him see the devastation,
Caused by fire, flood, and famine.
Children living in the midst of war,
May cause him to reexamine.

What he sees as most important,
Which pursuits are worth his time.
Primary points to ponder,
Reorganization of the mind.

Returning to his home and truck,
With scratches on its door,
He's amazed to comprehend that,
They're not important like before.

His perspective of reality's,
Been broadened, majorly.
His self preoccupation has,
Been changed by what he's seen.

He's heard the ringing of the bell,
That cannot be 'unrung'.
To see the world through others eyes,
Can never be undone.

We each make our decisions,
Based on what we think we know,
If we'd only understood back then,
The things that we now know.

We're sure we would've lived our lives,
Much differently towards others,
Not acting out our selfish needs,
On family, friends, and lovers.

A goal that's worth pursuing,
The expansion of ones vision,
Searching through the smoke and mirrors,
To enhance future decisions.

My perception of reality,
The world seen through my eyes,
Essentially determines,
The true meaning of my life.