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Waking From The Dream
Perceptions Of Reality
Subconsciously Surviving
If I Lived With Perfect People
People I Wouldn't Choose To Meet
Living On The Edge Of The Bell Curve
If I Only Had A Mentor
Thinking To Feel
Wounded Kids
Baby Auditions

Living On The Edge Of The Bell Curve

Ratz, 11/05/03 ©

The sound of silence echoes, off the moss encrusted stone.
There's no one here to hear it, I'm isolated and alone.

Though the world around me bustles, with routines of normalcy,
I have never been included.  I'm a singularity.

I'm the one that throws the curve off.  I'm the one way off the chart.
No one else was ever burdened with, my brand of broken heart.

A victim of wounds inflicted, by my family and my friends.
They've no idea of my true feelings.  I will hide them to the end.

They've had healthier upbringings.  They're more balanced and complete.
Living lives that are quite normal.  Never knowing true defeat.

They could never know the real me, that is hidden deep inside.
I've spent many years perfecting, a believable façade.

In fact my cover is so polished, no one ever would suspect,
How completely anti-normal that I am: a total wreck.

But if you cannot tell by looking,
That I'm different,
could it be,

That there might be others hurting,

On the inside...

Just like me...?