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Waking From The Dream
Perceptions Of Reality
Subconsciously Surviving
If I Lived With Perfect People
People I Wouldn't Choose To Meet
Living On The Edge Of The Bell Curve
If I Only Had A Mentor
Thinking To Feel
Wounded Kids
Baby Auditions

Baby Auditions

Ratz, 07/08/06 ©

I got the idea for this prose while I was watching the new series "Kyle XY", a really good show looking at life from a different perspective.  "Kyle, a mysterious teen savant, is found wandering in traffic" and is taken into a social workers home to live with her family.  He doesn’t have any memory of his past, has no belly button, seems to have been just dropped on this planet.  The lady tries to convince her husband, son, and daughter, to allow Kyle to live with them for a while, and she wins them over only after Kyle has endeared the others to him by things he's done for them, or from them seeing how their lives could be made better by him being around.  So that started me thinking, and this was the result…  Enjoy!

What if I had to plead my case,
To enter a new family?
Would each one accept me?
How would they vote?
Would I have to prove my value?
Show them how they could benefit?
From what I could do for them?
Would I pass the test?

. . .

In all my other relations,
I bring something to the table.
I build friendships based on mutual benefit.
I prove my worth through interviews,
loan applications, and a track record.
But my first relationships were built from nothing.
I gave no unspoken promises.
I didn’t ask for trust.
I had nothing of substance to offer.
Would I pass the test?

. . .

Have I passed that test?